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Meet Me

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Hi, I’m Taylor Coburn, the founder of Motivia, and I’m glad you’re reading this.

Taylor Coburn, Motivia Founder

Taylor Coburn, Motivia Founder

To give you just a bit of background about me, as much as I have accomplished in life, it often never seemed enough and left me struggling, drained, tired, and overwhelmed, feeling empty and with a nagging sense something critical was missing from my life that I couldn’t put my finger on. To make things worse, I’ve got to tell you that when I look back, like the person who went chasing a sunset going east, I was seeking happiness where it could not be found.

Thankfully I discovered the path and keys to completeness, to as you could say, be free to live the live you fully want, here and now. This didn’t come easy and in fact took strength and courage. Much of it was through trial and error, baptism by fire as some of my friends have called it, and with the help of those who were there for me when I was ready.

And now I feel it is my privilege to share these discoveries, my lessons and insights, as I guide smart, savvy, women business owners and solo-professionals to see themselves in a new and bigger way, transform from the inside out, and bring it all together so they can be free to create more joy, more bliss, and magic in their life than they ever dreamed possible.

If that all sounds fine and nice, and in case you’re wondering how I do this… well, one way I do this is through processes and programs I have developed such Your Powerful Renaissance™. And I’ve also designed and host Breakthrough Vacations™ that I lead around the world.

And until we cross paths again, make time today to practice awareness, be present, and live in the moment.