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Which of These 2 Personality Types Fits Best?

Posted by Taylor in Mind | Comments
Which of These 2 Personality Types Fits Best?

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

It’s time for the answer to our most recent quiz.

As you too probably have, since coming up with the quiz, I’ve revisited some of my outcomes. I have also set new ones.

All endeavors, small or large, begin with knowing your desired outcome. A close cousin of your desired outcome is your intention.

Intention is the start of all great things.

Consider your intention as an anticipated outcome.

As in think about some of your own desires and aspirations; these are intentions. Revisit these. And if you are not so clear on them, ask yourself again what are your intentions.

Countless are the times I have come up with intentions and just wished for them to come come true. But no, life teaches us there are no such shortcuts, doesn’t it? …

See, intentions without action are like seeds with no water… nothing comes of one without the other.

If you’re paying attention, that was a clue to the answer to our quiz.

Our dreams and intentions only become reality when we take action toward their achievement.

Still, for many, intentions will remain forever pretensions.

Okay, so let’s go back to our quiz…

My question again was “What are the 2 personality types that most frequently differentiate the accomplished and fulfilled from the daydreamers?”

And here are the 2 types:

In camp #1: People who take action – the “doers,” and in the other camp,

Camp #2: Those who don’t take action.

Life is a race
Creative Commons License photo credit: seeveeaar

Individuals who take action are the ones who make things happen. People who take action know that small actions taken are better than great deeds planned. These are the people who are focused on execution, who turn dreams into reality. Whereas those who shrink back from taking action struggle to follow through and therefore don’t make happen whatever it is they might may have aspired to accomplish.

If you see a little of yourself in both types, let me tell you that’s okay and trust me it is normal.

Often enough it’s hard to get my butt in gear. Sometimes we don’t know what action to take and this causes stress.

Personally, I rather do without the stress. And those are times when taking action really comes down to knowing or discovering what motivates you. Because the alternative, doing nothing, while it might provide some temporary relief, will just create more stress. If you are honest with yourself, deep down you know you’ve got this intention, and you’re not taking action toward it.

Remember, action is the ingredient that will breathe life into your dreams and wishes. And think about this… if you changed absolutely nothing in your life, would anything different happen?

Which camp are you in mostly, and what are some of your intentions?

Leave me a comment below and I’ll drop in and respond.



P.S. I am oversimplifying a bit. The truth is there we could spend a whole day on intention, outcomes, action, and how to deal with the visible and invisible forces that stand in our way. Interested in learning more? Then you’ll like what’s coming up.


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